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Muay Thai

Phoenix Muay Thai Gym has a strong team of experienced trainers that teach all levels of students, from beginners to professional fighters. Whether you have only been training for a few months, or are out of shape and wanting to start learning Muay Thai, or are already at a fighter level and have been fighting in your home country, you are welcome to improve your Muay Thai at Phoenix Muay Thai Gym in Koh Mak.

- Muay Thai Group Class: 250 Baht for Good Time Guests

- Muay Thai Personal Training: 1.000 Baht


Practice Yoga with us. We organize group classes and private classes. All our rooms are equipped with yoga mats. 

- Private Classes starts from 800 Baht

- Group Classes starts from 200 Baht


Work out in one of our open-air fitness gyms. Good Time Sports Resort offer the only Fitness Gym on the island

- free


We provide indoor and outdoor tennis courts on Koh Mak in cooperation with Ao Kao Resort. Please contact us for reservation and prices.

Thai Cooking

You can even learn to cook Thai food during your stay. Spend the day cooking some signature Thai dishes, which you also get to eat for lunch, it’s a fun break from the beach. One day courses start from 1,200 Baht. This is in cooperation with Smile Koh Mak, and should be arranged a day or more in advance. For free pick up from the resort please book with us in advance.

Diving and snorkeling

Koh Mak is situated in a national marine park in Thailand. This area has the richest marine life in Thailand and is perfect for diving and snorkeling. There is one diving: Koh Mak Divers (English & German). In certain areas you can snorkel right from the beach.

- Snorkeling trip: 750 Baht - Diving Tour: 2400 Baht

Many more courses on request. For a 5% discount and free pick up from the resort please book with us in advance.


Kayaking is a great way to experience the gorgeous turqouise waters of Koh Maak. You can explore the shoreline and nearby islands of Koh Rayang or Koh Kham on your own. Rental is usually 200 Baht per hour, ask us to help arrange this.

Island Tour

An inexpensive short tour of our lovely little island, including; rubber plantations, Ao Nid Pier, the local museum, the temple and the view points. Price: 200 Bath per person, min. 2 persons.

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